Ric Murray

About Me

I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1974.  As a student of film and film history, I learned a lot, but didn't see a practical way to make a living as a film maker in the 1970's. I took a 40 year side trip through advertising  that, oddly enough, brought me back around to independent film making.

 Over the last two years, as I have stepped back from my commercial work, I have found a great deal of creative joy in working in independent films in all capacities. I have worked as a producer, arranging financing and structuring a production company, sound recordist on several indie shoots, cinematographer on a number of shorts, and more to come.

If you have a script to develop, a project to shoot, or a film that requires a professional approach to structure or a sound gig for a day or a month, let's talk.

I'm not saying I'll do it, but I will take a serious look at all serious projects.