My approach to cinematography is all about lighting. Light is the vehicle that drives the emotional content of each scene. I like to read the script and chart the emotional landscape and temperature, often on a storyboard or notes in the column. What percolates up on the set is a combination of those impressions combined with the practical possibilities before the camera in the moment, the director's vision, and my read of that moment. Camera movement, framing, and exposure are all important, but amount to little in the end if the light is not working with the performance.

What's out there? Darkness isolates the character, and makes her vulnerable.

From the short, "Afterlife", 2016

Every morning when the sun comes up. In a warm moment the light is focused and flattering.

From the short, "Eva", 2018

Villains just have to have a skull somewhere.

From the teaser for "The Novel", 2018

Precarious at the top of the stairs. Nothing says danger like a dutch angle.

From the short, "Eva", 2018

Yup, she dead! Mixed light makes the room cold, but the body still warm.

From the short, "Eva", 2018

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